Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have wonderful days with your family & loved ones! 

If you got some money from your (grand)parents for christmas, don't forget its SALE very soon. 
Urban Outfitters started their sale already online! Quick, quick, quick! 
They got a beautiful maxi velvet dress, Henry Holland tights, butterfly glasses, floral watches and much more on sale. Bargains! It's time to shop!
Another tip from my side are these 2 sisters designing jewelry: Toosis. You can find them also on Dawanda and admire their beautiful rings, earrings and much more. My sister got me the "One of the kind Raw Amethyst" ring with a flower from Toosis for christmas and I absolutely love it as the rough gem reminds me of Billy Bride rings (see "I'm craving for...").



Thanks for taking time & reading my post! I love hearing back from my readers, leave me a comment (:


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