Saturday, 18 December 2010

I love...HAMBURG

Tomorrow I will go to Hamburg to visit my sister for a few days.  Hamburg is an absolutely charming harbor city and is one of my favourite cities in Germany.
It does not only have good restaurants and shops (Monki/ H&M trend!) but also amazing people. It's always fun to go through the streets and see their different styles.

H&M featured Hamburg in one of their Fashion Videos:

Tomorrow I will go to the Altona christmas market and monday to the MONKI STORE... FINALLY. I have been waiting for this day way too long. Actually since I have been back in England after the summer holidays. I could buy and wear every single piece from Monki and would absolutely love to intern for this amazing brand! The wonderful thing about this brand is not only their creativity and style it is also their price points! Topshop is definitely overpriced...

My wish list (which is definitely too long):

Unfortunately I have to save my money for New York though...
However the above items are affordable. The shoes and cord trousers are probably the most expensive pieces with 45 euros, followed by the knit cardigan for 40 euros. Love love love.

I'm so excited to go to Hamburg!


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