Sunday, 2 January 2011

The first few days of 2011...

...were amazing! I spent the first 2 days of the new year with my boyfriend going to the cinema, eating at Nandos, shopping and hanging out. Good times :)

It was also time to give each other our presents as I was back home in Germany for christmas. It seems like he knows me pretty well or is maybe more of a loyal "Soapi In UK" follower than I thought (Girls, start a blog if you got boring socks for christmas from your boyfriends!). Two of the presents were the burgundy scallop edged vest and these absolutely stunning mary janes in nude from Topshop. As soon as the first sun rays come through the grey english sky I will combine my new shoes with a 60´s mid-calf lenghth skirt. Yay!
All the presents were wrapped in a proper HIPSTER wrapping paper. My boyfriend likes joking about my "hipster" side and thought probably that I must love this print: ANIMALS ON BIKES! Well...he was right. I love it!

From: Sustrans.
Printed on recycled and recyclable paper.
Designed by Sara Thielker.

This motif of animals on bikes reminded me a lot of what my lecturer said about combining two trends and creating a total new one. Bikes are just everywhere, not only printed on T-Shirts but also used as decoration in shops and bars. Animals (especially foxes & deers) inspire jewellery, are printed on shirts and even plates. Bikes and animals are just everywhere but seeing both together makes this trend even better! I wouldn't be surprised to see the rabbit or badger rocking the mustache trend as well. The only thing I'm asking myself at the moment is: How can I get these sporty animals (with or without moustaches) printed on a dress?!


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