Friday, 11 February 2011

A life without money is rather...

...boring. So I decided to spend this morning improving my blog but a lack in HTML knowledge lead to quite unsuccessful results. Fail.

However, I managed to build in a more spring-looking blog background. At first I tried to find a valentines-themed one but my eyes couldn't handle so much pink to be honest. Eurgh.

Another new feature is the Facebook like button beneath every post. If you enjoy reading my posts, like it and share it with all your friends out there in the cyber world!

Also I decided to start a SoapiUk Youtube channel with my Top 10 songs for each month. I think my music taste is quite hard to define. It's a mix of indie, electro, dubstep, folk and whatever suits my mood. Sometimes I can even dance to old party hits such as Pon de Replay and Gasolina but shhh only my best friends now this side of me :)


1 comment:

  1. No shame in that ;) I personally like old Jennifer Lopez songs, though few people know it.

    La colombe et le corbeau


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