Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Primark trip.

Primark is evil. Primark is bad. Primark got too many nice things for low prices. I LOVE IT! 

Half of the spring/summer collection 2011 seems to be nautical inspired (as always for spring) and the other half looks 60's/70's with some typical "Mad-men" dresses. Also they got three or four cute vintage looking (satchel) bags out and a pair of nice summer shoes which is quite similar to these Topshop ones. However, the reason why I actually went to Primark was to buy new Brogues. My old ones are totally worn out and ready to be thrown away! Here are my new ones for only 14 pounds.

I really like this bag. Primark got it in black and brown.
 I prefer the brown version as its a bit more wild west and every girl likes cowboys.

Skirt for my sister. The print reminds a bit of Prada. 


  1. Merci Merci Merci :)

  2. Le sac est très sympa !

    Angela Donava


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