Friday, 18 February 2011

Weekend. High Street Pick.

On my way back from Uni I passed by Primark and was curious to see if they got any new clothes in. Right in the entrance there it was: This beautiful flower shirt dress. I'm in love with it as the shape makes it look less girly and is quite different to the usual flower dresses in the Summer/Spring season. 
The print makes it wearable for every time of the year. When it is a cold day I would pair the dress with grey or black tights, loafers, a chunky cardigan to create a contrast to the floaty material and a fur hooded parka. In summer the only things you will need with this dress are yellow wedges, some clubmasters from Ray-Ban, a straw hat and ice cream. I'm sure even ankle socks would look cute with it in spring or a fedora hat in autumn.


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