Monday, 14 March 2011

OMG! Susie Lau (Style Bubble) and Stevie (Discotheque Confusion) in Nottingham!

O. M. G. are the only three letters needed to express my excitement for the Blogger Masterclass at Topshop (Nottingham) this Wednesday, the 16th of March

This is my chance to finally meet my personal role models in the blogosphere. I love love love both blogs and I am already a loyal follower for years. Actually my whole obsession for blogs started with these two! Instead of revising unimportant biology stuff and facts about American History for my german A-Levels, I caught myself reading the newest blog entries on Style Bubble and wished I could be as successful as her one day. 

Susie's blog was the first blog I've read and is a huge inspiration to me since that day. The way she layers her clothes and mix matches colours astonishes me every time again. I love that she dares to go one or more steps further than others without worrying what others might think. Discotheque Confusion belongs also to the Top 5 blogs I check out every morning and evening. The non-professional webcam shots, her style notes for the guys (oh how right she is every time!) and the way she writes makes her blog very personal and lovable. She might be "just" a student but she's already big in the blogging world.

If someone sees me wednesday, I will run around with the biggest grin on my face. For others it might be JLS or Lady Gaga, for me it is Susie Lau and Stevie!



  1. Have fun. I am huge fan of Susie too, she is ace. xoxo

  2. oh wow what a great opportunity. wish i had that here. you have a great blog! x


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