Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cherie Messerli for Thomsen

I love water colours. I always loved it and I wish I could paint the world around me in it. There is nothing prettier than some dreamy, blurred coloured stains on textiles. My attempt to redesign my blog background in water colours was a fail though. A massive one. Sorry about that weekend of SoapiUk ungliness on your screens.

However, the actual reason why I'm talking about water colours is the colloboration of american stylist (now based in Paris) Cherie Messerli and Parisian brand Thomsen. She created a stunning, pastel, limited edition of hand painted prints on shirts and dresses. I need it, I WANT it, but I can't. It's only stocked in Opening Ceremony (NY, LA), Optitude (Tokyo) and Thomsen (Paris). Its time for some DIY.
This work doesn't need many word. Enjoy.

Photos by Scout Holiday


  1. wow, these watercolour print effect is gorgeous, I would so love this shirt!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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