Friday, 10 June 2011

Perfect shoes: Flatforms

Everyone knows it. Its summer, its hot (not in UK but hopefully in Germany when I go). You need the perfect summer shoe. Something you can wear when you go to the beach, shopping and to parties. Basically for everything! As I'm rather small I also tend to wear heels but I never found the right ones. Wedges seemed the solution first but they are normally a bit too high to last hours shopping in. Now my hope lays in FLATFORMS. They are comfy, fashionable and all over the highstreet at the moment. Here is a little selection of my favourite ones.

1. Office 2. New Look (Teenager, up to size 5) 3. Office 4. Clarks 5. Topshop 6. Aldo 7. Next 8. Monki

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