Friday, 17 June 2011

Topshop Autumn 2011

The summer hasn't even started yet but I feel the urge to share the new Topshop autumn collection for 2011 with you guys. The upcoming trends are: Bavaria, Thrift, Psychobilly and Glamrock. Bavaria (1) covers the boho look with fur and maxi skirts. Thrift (2) is something for vintage girls who are loving mid length skirts and pretty blouses in soft colours. Psychobilly (3) presents the rebellious 60s look with strong colours/mix of materials and Glamrock (4) equals 70's rock chic. I think that the looks are a bit disappointing. There is nothing new and nothing genius about it in my eyes. However some pieces are quite cute for example the Thrift (2) beige coat with the white fur and the shoes/boots in this autumn season. What is your favourite Topshop autumn trend?


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