Sunday, 22 January 2012

flatform loving spring 2012

1. 3. ASOS venice lace up flatform 2. 4. 5. ASOS verity mary jane
Eeek! Just went on ASOS for 'uni research' and found these amazing flatforms for £30.00. They look perfect for spring and would go great with rolled up high waisted jeans or a half length skirt. What's your favourite?

Seit einem Jahr suche ich nun schon nach perfekten Flatforms und tadaaa ASOS lässt einen dieses Jahr nicht im Stich! Diese wunderschönen Flatforms kommen in vielen buten Design und kosten um die €41.93. Welchen findest du am schönsten?




  1. Number three are like ridiculous. I love flatforms & it's fun to say.

  2. These are really cool, i like number two best!


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