Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hamburg: Food & Shopping

Last week I went to Hamburg to do research for my final year project. As window shopping makes hungry, my sister took me to the libanese restaurant L'Orient for lunch. The three course meal tasted like heaven and looked so pretty that I couldn't resist taking photos of it! If you are ever in Hamburg, make sure you visit this restaurant to get a taste of delicious falafel, saffron rice, halloumi, sesame steak and rose water chocolate ice-cream.

L’Orient · Restaurant & Café
Osterstraße 146  20255 Hamburg

On my search for creative visual merchandising I was a bit disappointed with the high-street. It was the first time for me in Zara Home and I quite liked the products offering. However, I wasn't sure about the lighting and cupboards at the back of the shop. What was really standing out to me on my trip wasn't the visual merchandising but the fact how popular real fur has become over the past years in Germany! Nearly everyone, no matter how old, was wearing real fur hooded jackets or bobble hats! Even the brand 'Hallhuber' sells real fur in-store for an affordable price...I can't really imagine seeing this on the English high-street if I'm honest.

If you are visiting Hamburg and you are looking for something different don't miss out on the 'Schanze' (Underground Station: Sternschanze). It's a trendy area with lots of nice bars, restaurants and cute little boutiques. There you can find unique homeware and clothing brands of which you might not have heard of before! My favourite piece was a burgundy-coloured suede bag (second photo) from the shop 'Fräulein Wunder'. It looks so pretty, but I'm afraid suede might get ruined too easily?



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