Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My love for rabbits

Miffy-what a little cute creature! I was never that familiar with her, but as i got the freshers flu I bought some tissues from Boots. And this little rabbit was printed all over it!

This little rabbit girl is already over 50 years old and became popular in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Miffy has starred in 115 books, which have been translated into 40 languages and sold more than 85m copies worldwide. This little female rabbit is one of Holland's biggest exports, just as Heineken!

You should have a look on her website. It is adorably cute!

She also reminded me of my 20th birthday present: My labbit!

It is a designer toy made by Frank Kozik. It got some 4 random accessories with it and is super duper cute and clean.

Urban Outfitters got a rabbit luggage tag for only 5 pounds! Worth it! Love it!


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