Sunday, 14 November 2010

Autumn Moodboard

Mood boards. Mood boards. Mood boards. 
This is pretty much the only thing on my head right not. Oh yeah... maybe also lingerie, advertisements and luxury brands. 

For my course I have to create 2 mood boards. I have chosen to present lingerie in a fun and witty way and lingerie in a sensual way. I always loved playing around with photoshop so I can actually spent hours on it.

However. This is not one of the mood boards I will hand in. 
This one shows the traditional and heritage style of the autumn. Instead of a colour palette I took detailed photos of my own favourite autumn clothes. 

From left to right:
Rolled up, high waist vintage trousers (Berlin)
Cardigan vintage (Cow Nottingham)
Brocade coat (Apricot/New Look)
Wool scarf (Marks&Spencers, vintage, Camden Lock Market)
Fur collar (mum)
Silk blouse (mum)

In the background: "Autumn in Paris" by Viktor Shvaiko. His paintings are absolutely beautiful. Have a look. On the right wall you can see one of Alfonso Muchas masterpieces. I have it as a poster on my wall. And I consider getting a tattoo in an art nouveau style as well. 

The girls on the right are from a french Elle fashion editorial and the others from "Who What Wear".

The printer poncho cape is perfectly combined with neutral colours and bare legs to make the look a bit more sexy. 
The mid-length skirt is very chic and feminine.
The maxi coat is the next step for fashionistas after maxidresses and maxiskirts. 
The mustard-coloured socks on the right side with brogues and dark red/green clothes is definitely a thing to remember. 
And last but not least, the look on the right side shows how a brown look from head to toe can actually work out.

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