Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Owls made my day...

“I’m working on it. I’m doing it. Making me want to strangle you isn’t going to speed up the process.”

My boyfriend discovered this "Hangover Owls" blog a few months ago and sent me the link. Today I looked on it again and couldn't stop laughing! If it's a rainy day and you are in a bad mood visit this website and these grumpy-looking owls will light up your day. 
I've to admit that owls are really odd and weird looking creatures but it makes them kind of lovable. Although I'm pretty much fed up with seeing them printed on everything, I still love their feathers (sorry for sounding a bit cruel here).

The hangover owls inspired me to create this moodboard.

1. "Logic & Wisdom" Barn Owl Print by Ryan Berkley on Etsy (Check out his other amazing work)
2. Feather earring by Urban Outfitters
3. Owl Ring by welikefashion
4. Owl Locket Long Pendant Necklace by Plasticland
5. Feather Denim Shorts by Ragged Priest 
6. Owl Dress by Tsumori Chisato

I discovered the Ragged Priest the first time at Topshop and liked their idea of renewing old clothes with studs, feathers and black leather fringes. I'm not too sure if I would actually spend around 43 pounds on shorts when I can also add feather on it on. It can't be too difficult? The only difficult thing seems to be to find normal feathers in Nottingham. I don't wanna have tacky red, pink or blue ones on my shorts!


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