Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I'm back from Leeds...

...and loved it there! Leeds is a beautiful city with a good choice of vintage stores & HURTS gig was just amazing!
I loved Leeds especially for the Corn Exchange (check Mad Elisabeth Vintage for pretty blouses and cheap vintage suitcases) and the Victorian Quarter (Mulberrys window display made me very happy). Also highly recommended: The Leeds Market. It provided me with cheap lace ribbon, a tassel and seam cutter for customising old boring stuff.

If you go to Leeds and love Thai food go to Thai Edge and enjoy an authentic meal. I stuck to my favourites Satay Gai & Thai Green Curry and it made me feel like being back home in Thailand! Before the concert me and my boyfriend ended up going to the Leeds equivalent to Nottingham's Spanky Van Dykes. It is called "Nation of Shopkeepers" and is the hipster-place-to-be. Their courtyard is just amazing (especially because of the heated sofas) and the music they've played as well (If you don't know: the Cold War Kids, CLICK!)

The HURTS concert was amazing. Hurts is an incredibly good live band and I would go and see them live every time again! They played their whole album and had some pretty rocky party in it surprisingly. I loved Theo Hutchcraft's little cape when he got on stage but I think he should wear less tight trousers next time. I guess he doesn't care much about it. His girlfriend is Miss Germany (who is also a Playmate) so it's probably alright to show off what he got.

Hurts support artist were pretty awesome as well and one of them might be the next big thing soon! Check out Saint Saviour and Clare Macguire here. Both were very impressive on stage. Saint Saviour reminds me a bit of a mix between Lykke Li and the Knife, just with better dancing moves and Clare Macguire looked stunning. Definitely bands to watch.


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