Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Blogging Masterclass. Nottingham.

Wow. Yesterday I went to Topshop to listen to Susie Bubbles and Stevies (Discotheque Confusion) views on blogging. They were talking about how they started their blogs in 2006 and about the content of it. Susie said that the content of a blog post should always be the most important thing to a blogger. You shouldn't just write about something only because it's at the press at the moment. It's about being unique and focusing on an area you're interested in and like reading about on other blogs. Stevie for example said she personally would never start writing about news in the fashionworld as there are many other professional blogs who are much more qualified. Susie mentioned that she always googles a topic before she writes about it to make sure it is unique. Another thing they recommended were personal style photos (not only to show what you wear, but also to talk about why you wear it and being more personal), Twitter and websites such as fashionologie, haw-lin, cool-and-beauty. After their talk and Q&A there was also a little meet and greet. Ah well...what can I say...I was rather EXCITED! I guess it was because I was always reading Susies blog when I was still in Germany and was dreaming about working in fashion and studying a course I really love. Meeting Susie Lau made me finally realise that I am getting closer to my dream and that this is my chance to make it happen.


P.S.: Expect some changes on my blog during the next months.


  1. This sounds like it was an interesting event, thanks for the informative post lovely :-) xoxo

  2. I wish I could have attended. Thanks for the great tips

  3. so cute!
    I love the oxfords!



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