Monday, 25 November 2013

glittery times

As you can see in my little inspiration mood board - the festive spirit has taken over already! The next month will be a busy one. So so many christmas parties, come togethers, reunions and new year celebrations lie ahead of us and I feel drawn towards everything sparkly. Especially sparkly make-up in rich gold, green and silver hues inspire me to get the paint brush out! Topshop provides us with everything that glitters for the nails (1:Nail in Pluto) and their shoes are just devine (3:Juniper). In fact, they are my absolute dream shoes. The heels are perfect for a night out - not too low, not too high but very glittery. I tried them on so many times but unfortunately they just don't seem to be designed for my feet. Depressing. I shall stick to glittery make-up such as the eye dust (3:Tigress) and DIY vases I guess then.


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