Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Uni work

Tuesday we had a Photoshop Workshop about manipulation of colours.

Every time again I'm fascinated by Photoshop and how you can change images with only some simple clicks. I find myself spending hours photoshopping photos because its so much fun. It's just like magic!

2 years ago I started with it and became much better and quicker with it since then. I learned to use layers (and appreciate them!) and mostly used the option "selective colour" to change the redness of faces (on night outs). Although I thought I would know Photoshop already quite well, I'm still learning many new things. And that makes me to an addictive as there are thousands of ways changing images. No matter if they are photos, pattern or any other images. 

The images I have chosen in this case are strongly related to my project. We have to create two moodboards about a fashion related topic. I have choses to present lingerie in a fun and witty way and the other moodboard will be about lingerie and sensuality.

Here we had the task to change the colours in the image so it will suit the main colours in the moodboard. The  original image was bright yellow and I have chosen the colour pink for a fun and witty look.

In the next case I have chosen brocade to present a sensual look. I absolutely adore brocade. No matter if its on coats, furniture or printed on paper. I just think its looks absolutely beautiful & elegant.


P.S. London tomorrow! Super duper excited! Don't know what to wear as it's gonna rain. Fur coat or not? Will people start yelling at me if I do? Are londoners more tolerant? I might hope that no one touches my coat and also think its fake. Faux fur coats are looking astonishing real nowadays so there might be a chance?

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