Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Control Master

A film by Veer & Run Wrake featuring CSA Images

Who is Run Wrake? 

Run Wrake is an animator and illustrator. His work includes the widely acclaimed short film Rabbit, music visuals for U2 and Howie B, and commercials for Coca-Cola and Natwest. He lives in Kent, England. 

What is this video about?
"Halftone City, USA. A peaceful metropolis of family values and space-age dreams. Mild-mannered blonde Dorothy Gayne secretly protects its citizens from harm. But dangerous new technologies abound. What happens when a powerful device falls into the hands of scientist-turned-villain Doctor Moire? Who will rescue Halftone City from this oversized creep? Watch The Control Master and find out!" 
And why do I post this?

I think it is a creative and impressive work, which needs to be shared with the world. The concept is cool and fun just as the background music. This is an inspirational animation film, just made for people like me who are pop art lovers.


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