Tuesday, 14 December 2010

On my way to Germany

After a few hours on the train I'm finally at the airport and got rid off my suitcase.17 kg for 2.5 weeks. How comes I always take so much stuff with me!? Well at least I can use christmas as an excuse this time. To use my time effectively at Stansted I had a look at the monsoon kids window display and wasn't suprised to find white trees/cutouts. Furthermore I managed to find galaxy cookie crumble chocolate and dairy milk bliss for my sister. I thought it would be nice to share dreamy-good chocolate with her, as we don't have it in Germany. Another think on her wishlist was Gü and Frü! I think it would be great if we would have these yummy, fresh, mouth-watering Lemon cakes, chocolate souffles, mango/passionfruit cheesecakes in Germany as well. You might think England and Germany are very similar but I have to say that England got a far better (healthier) choice of ready-meals and ready-desserts. Not that I live from ready-meals. I enjoy cooking but now and then you just need a ready-meal. Especially as a student.

Stansted Airport hasn't  really changed since I was here last summer. Although it got a MR HUMBUG now which looks like a candy wonderland. You can pick as much candy as you want from a candy-covered wall and put it in small/big jaws. Wouldn't that be an amazing xmas present? They have everything from banana fudge to custard-rhubarb candy. I would like to try their sour apples!

Also I have seen many many germans here at the airport whilst waiting. I already feel like being back home although, here at the airport, I can hide under my chinese appearance. A funny thing popping in my head (earlier when I saw germans) was, that you can recognise a german girl/woman by her handbag. She probably got a Longchamp "Le Pliage" bag. The posh plastic bag (in my eyes). Yes it's useful but do we really need them in beige or green? Boring!
There are so many nicer versions out there. One of my favorite editions is the Longchamp le pliage bag with the Eifel Tower on it. It makes this practical bag look younger and fresher. My auntie bought it in Paris and its an absolutely acceptable/parisian version.

If someone is looking for something more feminine, elegant and extravagant I would suggest this version of le pliage with roses on it.

Rather prefer something playful, elegant and vintage-like looking? Why not get this stunning bag.

If you are a "true german bavarian" and you are proud of it, you should get this one. It is a funny approach to fresh up the classic "Le Pliage" look. I'm sure it guarantees attention of others.

As you can see there are many different Le Pliage bags out there, so why stick to the normal? Sadly I haven't seen one of these bag once on the street. So please, if you think about getting a Le Pliage Longchamp bag anyways, then choose one of the above ones and improve the style-reputation of germans around the world.


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