Thursday, 25 July 2013

Think Pink

1. Strap back slip dress (Topshop) 2. Pink blouse SALE (Monki) 3. Happy days sandals (ASOS) 4. Milla trousers SALE (Monki) 5. Shoulder wonder maxi dress (Topshop) 6. Streestyle photography sources available here

It's feels weird to admit that I have been drawn to pink coloured clothes and shoes recently. I mean... WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!? I was so sure I would never like that certain bright shade of pink again in my life, but as usual one shall never say never. Especially if it's fashion related. The colour pinks has been been associated with Barbie, blondies and pure trashiness for a while now but on the streets we can see how pink can actually look really nice and quite sophisticated, if combined with simple cuts, calm colours or silky materials. Whilst looking around the high-street and browsing my favourite online shops, pink seems to pop up everywhere! The ASOS happy days sandals are my absolute favourite. I love everything about them: The nostalgic kitsch, the metallic look and the chunky heel which hopefully makes the shoe a little bit more comfy. Pink is such a vibrant summer colour (great for a night out!) and can be easily taken into autumn. Take the streetstyle photographs as an example - pink accessories and key pieces are great colour accents when the first autumn outfits.

Excuse me talking about autumn fashion the head office I'm working in I'm surrounded by wintery knits already!


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