Sunday, 15 September 2013

What I've been up to...

Woooaaah adult life is so different to student life! Since July I started my first proper grown-up job and since then I don't seem to find any time to blog. If I'm honest I do have time after work, but I'm just so tired (what a boring person I've turned into!). Luckily I'm constantly surrounded my fashion and trends in my job so I shouldn't lack in inspirations but maybe it is motivation. Others might call it a writers block...Anyways I thought I break the silence with a quick visual Instagram diary on what I've been up to!

(1) Autumn is here! Even though we had an incredible summer and I do love the sun, I'm actually quite glad I get to wear my autumn clothes again. The fur, coat and booties I wear on this photo all belong to my mum. She thinks they are super old school but I do love them. These black boots are the comfiest things ever.

(2) Last weekend I went to my first ever English wedding and I loved it! The bride and ceremony were absolutely beautiful. There were lots of cakes, vintage tea cups and bunting.

(3) Embarrassing selfie. This is the dress I wore at the wedding, it's from Louche/Joy. I absolutely love their collections and stores. The prices are really affordable, the quality is great and the designs are quite unique. Their autumn collection just came out and there is a little metallic skirt I've already fallen in love day hurry up please.

(4) Beauty addict. I never counted myself to the ones who were addicted to beauty products, but ever since I've started earning my own money I seem to have inherited my mum's curiosity in beauty products. Her bathroom shelfs were always filled with hundreds of things. In this case I didn't have to feel guilty about spending money as it was all for charity! The Clinique chubby stick comes in a lovely brown color, perfect for a natural autumn look. Maxfactor's red lipstick is matte, smooth and doesn't dry out the lips - perfect! The last product I got was Eyeko's fat brush mascara. I didn't know the brand before, but I've to say it's great! I'm really picky with mascaras usually and stick to Maybelline's Telescopic and Kiko's mascara but Eyeko's mascara tube persuaded me! It even comes with a little cover so it's impossible to get mascara on your eye lid if you're in a hurry.

(5) Matchy matchy. Just a little combo I was wearing the other day at work. My mum brought this little set back from Thailand for me 2 years ago. It's a light yellow skirt and blouse with a photographic landscape print. It's crazy how fashionable and trend-forward Thailand is. The co-ord trend just arrived on the UK high-street now.

(6) Knitty. Since I started working my wardrobe must have doubled. The amount of clothes I bring back after a week at work is crazy. Need. To. Stop.

(7) Vans X Liberty. Love, love, looooove my new trainers. My bf got me these as a belated birthday present and they are soooo beautiful!


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