Sunday, 26 January 2014

La Métamorphose, Une Histoire Hermès

Credit: Hermès

With a tea on my right I have finally overcome my laziness to post something new on my blog! I really do admire all these amazing people who manage to have a normal working life whilst updating their blog regularly. My new ambition is to blog more often again to keep collecting things I find inspiring and share it with you guys. Living in London and working in fashion is very very inspiring, however it is so fast-paced that I feel one thought gets missing after another. This blog was always my little collection of things I found inspiring so I really want to keep this going to look back at it.

One of the things I want to share is Hermès beautiful new S/S14 campaign La Métamorphose, which was shot Hans Sivester. I came across it a few days ago, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. The campaign images reflect perfectly on the collections' jungle charm and make me dream about holidays in exotic countries. The lighting as well as the shimmery green and blue tones let the beautiful, vivid prints glow. Overall the campaign has something quite mysterious, if not surreal, about it. 


Mit einem Englischen Tee an meiner Seite, finde ich nun endlich die Motivation mal wieder zu bloggen. Ich bewundere wie so viele Leute es schaffen ganz normal zu arbeiten und trotzdem oft zu bloggen. Viel zu oft denke ich mir "Oh darüber muss ich unbedingt später bloggen" - doch leider kommt es oft doch nicht dazu. In London zu leben und arbeiten ist sehr inspirierend. Da es allerdings sehr hektisch ist, kommt es mir vor als würde ein kreativer Gedanke im anderen verloren gehen. Dieser Blog war immer meine kleine Sammlung an Dingen die mich inspirieren und so soll es auch weiterhin sein! 

Eine der Kampagnen die für mich in dieser S/S14 Saison herausstechen ist die von Hermès. La Métamorphose, fotografiert von Hans Silvester, ist einfach nur traumhaft schön. Das Licht, sowie die Blau- und Grüntöne lassen die kräftigen Prints richtig strahlen. Die Models sowie der Regenwald haben etwas mysteriöses an sich. Es scheint fast so als sei ein ruhiger, unberührter Ort wie der exotische Regenwald etwas surreales. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

glittery times

As you can see in my little inspiration mood board - the festive spirit has taken over already! The next month will be a busy one. So so many christmas parties, come togethers, reunions and new year celebrations lie ahead of us and I feel drawn towards everything sparkly. Especially sparkly make-up in rich gold, green and silver hues inspire me to get the paint brush out! Topshop provides us with everything that glitters for the nails (1:Nail in Pluto) and their shoes are just devine (3:Juniper). In fact, they are my absolute dream shoes. The heels are perfect for a night out - not too low, not too high but very glittery. I tried them on so many times but unfortunately they just don't seem to be designed for my feet. Depressing. I shall stick to glittery make-up such as the eye dust (3:Tigress) and DIY vases I guess then.


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumn is coming

Last weekend my favourite visitor came to London and we spent Sunday exploring west London. Even though I've been living here for a quite a few months now there's so much more to see! As it was a very sunny day I chose to wear my lovely Topshop skirt and white lace jumper as well as my H&M Trenchcoat to keep warm. If I learnt one thing from living in England it is to always, always bring and umbrella and jacket as the weather can change in seconds! The suede t-bar shoes I'm wearing are from Topshop too. The cut outs are a really cute detail and they are so comfy with their little block heel. I got them in black and pink now...but there are also available in green at the moment - very tempting!

Around lunch time we went to My Old Dutch in Kensington. It is an amazing pancake house with the biggest, widest range of pancakes I have ever seen! Whilst my boyfriend chose to go for the (very!) spicy chicken one, I stuck to the sweet things in life and ate a banana pancake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream. It was amazing!!! If you fancy some unusual drinks My Old Dutch is also your place as they offer some amazing milkshakes and fruit beer from Belgium. From mango to banana beer, they got it.

Letzten Sonntag war mein Lieblingsbesucher in London, da haben wir gleich den ganzen Sonntag damit verbracht die Gegend mehr zu erkunden. Da das Wetter noch nicht ganz zu herbstlich war, konnte ich meinen neuen Lieblingsrock von Topshop tragen. Allerdings bin ich eine Frostbeule und so durfte der weiße Wollpulli unter dem H&M Trenchcoat nicht fehlen. Die rosa Schuhe sind auch von Topshop. Die Cut-Out Details, weiche Wildleder und der kleine Blockabsatz machen sie einfach perfekt. Sie passen zu allem und sind perfekt für die Arbeit. Ich habe die Schuhe auch noch in schwarz und nun gibt's sie bei Topshop sogar in grün...aber ich kann mir nicht wirklich das selbe Schuhpaar in drei verschiedenen Farben kaufen, oder? 

Mittags ging es dann zum My Old Dutch in Kensington, ein Pfannkuchenhaus mit leckeren Milkshakes und verrückten Biersorten. Das Bananenbier war ganz lecker, aber die Pfannkuchen waren noch viel besser und vor allem riesig! Das Menü sah auch super aus für ein deftiges Frühstück oder Brunch - auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

What I've been up to...

Woooaaah adult life is so different to student life! Since July I started my first proper grown-up job and since then I don't seem to find any time to blog. If I'm honest I do have time after work, but I'm just so tired (what a boring person I've turned into!). Luckily I'm constantly surrounded my fashion and trends in my job so I shouldn't lack in inspirations but maybe it is motivation. Others might call it a writers block...Anyways I thought I break the silence with a quick visual Instagram diary on what I've been up to!

(1) Autumn is here! Even though we had an incredible summer and I do love the sun, I'm actually quite glad I get to wear my autumn clothes again. The fur, coat and booties I wear on this photo all belong to my mum. She thinks they are super old school but I do love them. These black boots are the comfiest things ever.

(2) Last weekend I went to my first ever English wedding and I loved it! The bride and ceremony were absolutely beautiful. There were lots of cakes, vintage tea cups and bunting.

(3) Embarrassing selfie. This is the dress I wore at the wedding, it's from Louche/Joy. I absolutely love their collections and stores. The prices are really affordable, the quality is great and the designs are quite unique. Their autumn collection just came out and there is a little metallic skirt I've already fallen in love day hurry up please.

(4) Beauty addict. I never counted myself to the ones who were addicted to beauty products, but ever since I've started earning my own money I seem to have inherited my mum's curiosity in beauty products. Her bathroom shelfs were always filled with hundreds of things. In this case I didn't have to feel guilty about spending money as it was all for charity! The Clinique chubby stick comes in a lovely brown color, perfect for a natural autumn look. Maxfactor's red lipstick is matte, smooth and doesn't dry out the lips - perfect! The last product I got was Eyeko's fat brush mascara. I didn't know the brand before, but I've to say it's great! I'm really picky with mascaras usually and stick to Maybelline's Telescopic and Kiko's mascara but Eyeko's mascara tube persuaded me! It even comes with a little cover so it's impossible to get mascara on your eye lid if you're in a hurry.

(5) Matchy matchy. Just a little combo I was wearing the other day at work. My mum brought this little set back from Thailand for me 2 years ago. It's a light yellow skirt and blouse with a photographic landscape print. It's crazy how fashionable and trend-forward Thailand is. The co-ord trend just arrived on the UK high-street now.

(6) Knitty. Since I started working my wardrobe must have doubled. The amount of clothes I bring back after a week at work is crazy. Need. To. Stop.

(7) Vans X Liberty. Love, love, looooove my new trainers. My bf got me these as a belated birthday present and they are soooo beautiful!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Think Pink

1. Strap back slip dress (Topshop) 2. Pink blouse SALE (Monki) 3. Happy days sandals (ASOS) 4. Milla trousers SALE (Monki) 5. Shoulder wonder maxi dress (Topshop) 6. Streestyle photography sources available here

It's feels weird to admit that I have been drawn to pink coloured clothes and shoes recently. I mean... WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!? I was so sure I would never like that certain bright shade of pink again in my life, but as usual one shall never say never. Especially if it's fashion related. The colour pinks has been been associated with Barbie, blondies and pure trashiness for a while now but on the streets we can see how pink can actually look really nice and quite sophisticated, if combined with simple cuts, calm colours or silky materials. Whilst looking around the high-street and browsing my favourite online shops, pink seems to pop up everywhere! The ASOS happy days sandals are my absolute favourite. I love everything about them: The nostalgic kitsch, the metallic look and the chunky heel which hopefully makes the shoe a little bit more comfy. Pink is such a vibrant summer colour (great for a night out!) and can be easily taken into autumn. Take the streetstyle photographs as an example - pink accessories and key pieces are great colour accents when the first autumn outfits.

Excuse me talking about autumn fashion the head office I'm working in I'm surrounded by wintery knits already!


Monday, 8 July 2013

randomness in marketing: Kenzo a/w 13

For years marketing campaigns have been full of wonderful random things, but it feels like it's reaching its peak now! Surrealism takes a strong part in Kenzo's A/W 13 campaign, which really catches people's attention with its wonderful, vivid colours and fantasy motives. I really love these kinda random and very creative ads. They inspire my imagination and make me wonder much longer about the campaign than the usual black & white photography of half naked models. More, more, more of this please!

Seit Jahren werden die Marketing Kampagnen immer verrückter! Sei es sprechende Tiere oder einfach nur Dinge die komplett keinen Sinn machen. Diese Kenzo's H/W 2013 Kampagne ist so ein Beispiel: Eine Katze im Schuh, ein "Tigerhund", merkwürdige Hände/Füße - die neue Kampagne ist bunt, schrill und sehr surreal! Die fantasievollen Bilder stehen total im Kontrast zu den typischen Schwarz-Weiß Fotografien von halb nackten Models - was ich super finde! Ich kann es kaum erwarten Kenzo's Kampagne in den Zeitschriften zu sehen. Was denkt ihr darüber?


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hopkinson Nottingham

Life has been pretty chaotic and amazing - so much has happened in only a week! I moved to London and started my new job! It's a rather weird feeling when dreams come true all the sudden. This weekend I spent exploring the city, eating yummy food and enjoying the sun. So here's a quick (delayed) post about Hopkinson which is not in London but back in Nottingham! I went there a few days before my big move and it's such a cute, inspirational place. I always wanted to go there but somehow I never did! If you're around Nottingham it's definitely worth a visit, either for some tea & cake or to browse their wide range of vintage treasures. This is especially a nice place for someone who is not only into vintage clothing but also into vintage homeware. My favourites are the cute tea cups and plates with fabulous patterns on. They are so typical British that it is hard to resist!

21 Station Street
NG2 3AJ Nottingham

Die vergangene Woche war sehr chaotisch, aber auch sehr schön! Am Sonntag bin ich nämlich von Nottingham nach London gezogen und am Dienstag ging schon mein neuer Job los. Es ist wirklich ein merkwürdiges Gefühl, wenn plötzlich Träume wahr werden. Mein erstes Wochenende in London habe ich damit verbracht die Stadt zu erforschen, leckeres Essen zu essen in der Sonne. Auf den Bildern seht ihr Hopkins, ein ganz toller Independent Laden in Nottingham! Ein paar Tage vor meinem Umzug habe ich es nämlich endlich mal geschafft dort hinzugehen. Es ist wirklich ein toller Ort für Tea & Cake oder für alle die nach Inspirationen suchen oder Vintage Kleidung/Hausrat/Deko mögen. Besonders schön finde ich die typisch Englischen Teetassen und war wirklich schwer nichts zu kaufen vor dem großen Umzug, aber vielleicht ja beim nächsten Mal.