Thursday, 13 January 2011


Whilst listening to "Those Dancing Days" and reading through the VIXEN online magazine I figured out more and more that I wanna go to Scandinavia and discover their fashion world and definitely wouldn't mind being part of it one day :) I love their style: Laid back and elegant.

Vixen magazine is a norwegian free music & fashion magazine. Unfortunately I can't understand norwegian but I don't really mind. The 02/10 "She's a Rainbow with Lydia Hearst" VIXEN magazine editorial is a colourful, surreal artwork which doesn't need many words. I love it!

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Her beautiful coloured hair reminded a lot of a photo I saw in a hairdressers magazine ages ago. It showed a model with some peacock highlights in her long silky dark hair and it looked absolutely stunning! I was always dreaming about having hair like that but never found the photo again.

VIXEN MAGAZINE 02/10. Lydia Hearst.

Would make an amazing fashion shoot.
 Love the make-up as well.


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