Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Instaweek: London

Yesterday was a very exciting day and London was as beautiful as always. For lunch we went to Hummus Bros in Soho, which was really yummy! I read about it on the Internet and having a boyfriend who can eat a whole Tesco Hummus tub on his own in a few minutes, I knew this was the right place to go for us. Well, I was hoping the good food would make him feel strong enough to venture through all the shops I wanted to visit...but I'm afraid it did not help. Later on in the day he feel asleep in Topshop's Eat café! 
One of my shopping destinations was of course the new & other stories store and what else is there to say than IT'S AMAZING! The modern, bright store design paired with a wide range of beauty products and gorgeous shoes make clear why Scandinavian brands are so popular at the moment. I was walking around the store with very big eyes, but couldn't afford as much as I wanted to unfortunately. However, I bought a little "earring" and received a few lemon body lotion samples as well, amazing!

Gestern war ich für einen Tag in London und nach einem aufregenden Mittag, ging es zum lunchen zu Hummus Bros in Soho. Für Fans von Hummus ist es auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert! Gesund, lecker und frisch! Ich hatte gehofft, dass das gute Essen meinen Freund für die anstehende Shoppingtour stärken würde, aber leider war das wohl leider nicht der ist doch glatt bei Topshop im Café eingeschlafen! Natürlich war auch ein Besuch bei & other stories ein Muss. Das moderne, helle Ladendesign und das Visual Merchandising sind auf jeden Fall sehr beeindruckend. Vor allem die Schuhecke im 2. Stock hatte es mir angetan, aber am Ende habe ich dann doch nur ein Ohrring gekauft. Beim Kauf gab es sogar Bodylotion Proben dazu, echt super!  


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  1. It looks like you had a great time in London. By the way great choice! I like eating at the Hummus Bros.


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