Sunday, 21 November 2010


Friday morning was a very interesting day at uni. Amelia Gregory from Amelia Magazine was our guest lecturer for a day and gave us an insight in her world, work, plans and ambitions.
All and all she seems to be a very nice, strong-minded, a bit chaotic person who is strongly involved in climate activism. Her magazine/blog focuses especially on ethical fashion and Amelia is also part of the movement "Camp for Climate Action". Actions against the root of climate change. She studied Fashion Textiles (printed textile design) in Brighton in the 90s and started the magazine on her own. She is a publisher, art director and photographer.

Amelia’s Magazine was printed biannually for 5 years from 2004-2009 across 10 issues. There were 1000 copies of issue 01, featuring a Pete Doherty interview and an exclusive track that he recorded for Amelia before he was even famous.
Every magazine got a unique cover and giveaways by artists. Issue 2 includes a laser cut cover and an exclusive necklace with Tatty Devine, a furry cover and a set of stickers is in issue 03, a scratch ‘n’ sniff cover with smelly pens for colouring in illustrations (issue 04), a Swarovski diamante encrusted cover with a cut out cardboard carousel in issue 05 and a glow in the dark cover with a poster of Amazing Trees of the World in issue 06.

Amelia is more interested in people than in products and likes telling fashion stories with a message. The magazines are full of inspiring, colourful illustrations and images combined with interesting stories/ideas/interviews.

I'm happy that I managed to pick up some of her business cards. They're absolutely beautiful.

I wish I would have this one in A3 and could put it on my wall!

For everyone who is looking for creative inspiration:

This 264 page hardback book features the work of 40 illustrators about renewable technologies against climate change. It looks absolutely beautiful and is an entirely ethical production as well. Click here.

Amelia mentioned many many illustrators from all around the world in the lecture. Just like Mia Marie Overgaard from Denmark. I really like her illustrations.

Justin Wallis is another artist published in Amelia's Anthology of Illustration. He is from America and she described him as the most polite boy with a southern nature.

Monday Amelias new Magazine "Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration" will be printed. It covers the best new ethical fashion designer with wonderful illustrations. Definitely a must-have under the christmas tree for everyone who likes inspirational art and fashion.

The book will have another cover though. One which is less disney and more purple.

If you like Amelia magazine why not subscribe for a newsletter?
If you are an illustrator why not send her your work?


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