Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Seems like Topshop got a weekly event now...

Tonight they had a "POP UP MAGAZINE". For everyone who is thinking now: "What is that??? Topshop already has their own magazine?!" The anwer is: It was just like a normal day at topshop but with a glass of rosé champagne, make-overs and the best bit... A TALK BY  ELLE  FASHION ASSISTANT ROSA-SOFIAH CONNEL

How did she get the job?

She studied at LCF fashion illustration and was lucky enough to have contacts to ID Magazine. So she interned there and met someone else to help her getting an intern/job at Elle Magazine (lucky girl!). She tried to handle uni and job but it didnt work. So she quit uni and has no degree!!! She says work experience and contact are much more important!
My conclusion----> Get a job at Bread & Butte next year! And intern in a showroom back in Germany next summer as well!

Her key pieces/trends from Topshop for this autumn/winter season?

She talked about the english country style look (paired with overknee socks to make it more fun), the 70s style with wideleg trousers and the "pure look" with leather pieces!

She also mentioned that the maxi lengths gonna stay with us at least another season!

This dress is definitely one of my favs as well. Love the peter pan collar!
I gonna post the other photos and write something about the key pieces she picked tomorrow after I got some sleep.

Good night!


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